Track Social Activity for Your Competitors

Get a personalized newsfeed of social media activity for your competitors, local or across the U.S.

Spot Competitors You Never Knew Existed

SocialTracker instantly finds many of your competitors, even those you’ve never heard of.

SocialTracker works harder for you over time because of its’ machine-learning power. 

Our AI-based platform is teachable, so SocialTracker can perform even faster for you day in and day out. Simply mark your direct competitors to improve the search results.

Listen in on the Competition

Knowing your rivals closely, especially their activities and plans, will make you confident in your actions.

Be a step ahead knowing what’s on their mind, who they’re talking to and what they’re saying. Find out what the top influencers within each niche are sharing and leverage that intel to improve your target marketing.

Leverage Competitor Insights

What’s more enlightening than to discover what your competitors’ customers are saying on Social Media?

Learn what’s makes them happy and what they’re upset about. Insights like this open opportunities to offer solutions and potentially gain their business.

SocialTracker is on the Go, Just Like You

Use our apps on mobile, tablets and desktop devices. We make it easy for you to stay updated anywhere, anytime.