PurpleShark Systems - Bring the power of AI to Social Media Listening

Our platform is dedicated to keeping tabs on your competitors • TRACK your competitors' social activity

Award-winning product to ignite your marketing efforts

PurpleShark products are beautifully designed and easy to use

Track social activity for your competitors

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Increased Sales


Use our system for 90 days and watch your sales increase up to 130%!

Companies Analyzed

PurpleShark analyzed more than 3 million companies in the USA, so we know them and their most relevant competitors.

Time Saved

Save up to 20 hours a month usually spent monitoring competitors' activity by using PurpleShark's products instead.

View Both Dimensions of Your Business

Our products help you look both ways – toward potential new clients and into your competitors’ activities


Find new clients and grow your revenue (B2B)

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Get a step ahead of the pack, staying informed of your competitors’ activity (B2B and B2C)

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